Student Representatives

Co-Presidents: Ashwin Narla and Alfredo Diaz

Alfredo Diaz is a second year law student from south Florida. Before law school, Alfredo studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Classics at the University of Miami (FL). Upon graduating, Alfredo took part in a psychological research initiative in Miami aimed at streamlining an Autism Spectrum evaluation for young children and toddlers, was a licensed bartender, and worked at a personal injury law firm. He likes to squat, heavy.

Ashwin Narla grew up in Richmond, Virginia and graduated from The George Washington University. He is a huge GW basketball fan and love the Washington, DC area. If you find yourself in the DC area over the next three years be sure to eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl and check out the Newseum. After GW, Ashwin spent time in Baltimore, MD as a high school math teacher. Also, he spent the winter season coaching basketball and quietly celebrating the fact that Baltimore can’t deal with small snow storms. Teacher snow days are even better than student snow days. Outside of school you can find Ashwin at Cal football games, going on bike rides, eating at Brazil cafe, and settling the land of Catan.


Vice-President: Erika Villaseñor

img_2897                   Treasurer: Danee Grady

Danee Grady is a second year law student from the Central Valley of California. Prior to law school, she graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice. Outside of BHSA she is also involved in the California Law Review and serves as a T.A. in the Legal Research and Writing Program for LL.M. students.

Secretary: David Gómez

1781232_660677907326051_6298108_oDavid Gómez is a 2L from Los Angeles, California. Prior to law school he was a barista at high-end coffee shops such as Intelligentsia in Silver Lake and Blue Bottle in the Mission and Financial Districts of San Francisco. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Political Science and often misses the cool breeze, tasty waves and soft sunshine. He hopes to work in labor law and political organizing.

1L Reps: Katie Lee and Travis Mitchell

unnamedKatie Lee is a first-year law student from LA. Prior to attending Boalt, she graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science of Foreign Service. Her previous work in the Latin American public sector as well her own family history involving international migration and human rights issues is what brought her to Boalt. She hopes to one day work in international law and diplomacy.

12289759_106020909766913_4303321886488273747_nTravis Mitchell 
is a first year law student originally from Maryland.He has bachelor’s degree in sociology from Boston College and master’s degree in secondary education from Arizona State. Before law school, he spent 5 years in education as a teacher, administrator, and working with a non-profit. In his spare time, you can find Travis out experiencing all parts of this awesome new area and explaining to people why East Coast seafood is better than West Coast seafood.

2L Reps: Miguel Zavala and Rob Mohen

Miguel Zavala is a 2L. He’s ’bout that action, boss.

Rob Mohen is a 2L. He’s probably also ’bout that action, boss.

3L Reps: Danica Rodarmel and David Derrick

Danica Rodarmel is from the North Bay and has spent almost half of her life in South Dakota. The history of incarceration in her own family, along with her volunteer work in San Quentin and with children with incarcerated parents led her to law school. She intends to focus her career on criminal justice reform that is informed and driven by the communities most impacted by the system.

David Derrick is a third-year law student at Boalt Hall. He studied Economics and International Studies at The Ohio State University. He enjoys running and training for triathlons.

3L Class Co-Presidents: Alexandria Johnson & Noah Ickowitz

Alexandria Johnson (AJ) is the 3L class Co-President, and previously served as 1L representative. Before attending law school, AJ studied International Relations at the University of Southern California. Outside of BHSA, she participates in a number of organizations including the Berkeley Journal of African American Law and Policy.

Noah Ickowitz is 3L Co-President of BHSA, and previously served as 1L representative. Before attending law school, Noah was a political economy major at UC Berkeley and worked at an economic consulting after graduating from college. Outside of BHSA, Noah participates in a number of organizations including the Berkeley Business Law Journal and Berkeley Law’s moot court team.

LLM Class Reps:  Vasundhara Choudhary and Srimoyee Biswas

Student Org Rep: Richa Goyal

Richa Goyal is a 3L and a proud Bay Area native. Before law school, she attended Georgetown University and worked in local government in San Francisco. At Boalt this year, she spends her time learning what she can about work as a transactional lawyer, and missing the Vietnamese food truck.

GA Rep: Sean Becker

12111924_10153159977106806_8428922287456299436_nSean Becker is a 2nd-year PhD student in the Jurisprudence and Social Policy program at Berkeley Law. I am a native of Portland, Oregon and have been living in the Bay Area since 2012. I hope to someday pursue a career in legal academia. My research interests center around the sociology of law, particularly the sources of social and legal change over time. As a proud member of the Boalt community, I advocate on behalf of Boalt students, and help maintain a positive image of Boalt across the wider campus community through my participation on the Graduate Assembly.

JSP Representative: Kyneshawau Hurd

Kyneshawau is a second year student in the Jurisprudence and Social Policy Doctoral program at Berkeley Law. Originally from Texas, she graduated from Baylor University in 2011 with a B.A. in Psychology before moving to Los Angeles to work as a Research Lab Manager for a Social Psychology Lab at UCLA.

Her passion for research and practical policy application prompted her to accept doctoral study in JSP. In this program, she studies the intersection of Law and Psychology. Primarily she is interested in studying intersectionality, race and educational policy. She is interested in how policies effect the way marginalized people interact with the oppressive structure, and with members of their own in-groups; how marginalized individuals come to understand their identities; and how the culture of education and policy implementation can be altered to improve educational spaces.



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