BHSA Student/Faculty Committees 

Student representatives are appointed by the Boalt Hall Student Association (BHSA) to voice student concerns and advocate for students’ interests on Boalt’s administrative and faculty committees. BHSA appoints representatives, and the BHSA Vice President coordinates representatives and supports their advocacy efforts. Unless otherwise indicated, all students are eligible to serve on committees and all appointment terms are for one calendar year.

Academic Placement
Promotes policies and programming that educate Boalt students about different careers in legal academia and the processes by which professors obtain their positions, assist Boalt grads in securing research and clinical professorships, and support applicants who are currently on the legal academic job market in order to continue Boalt’s tradition of producing excellent professors in the legal academy.

Student Member:

Ad Hoc Public Interest
Works to strengthen Boalt’s profile and programming related to public interest. This is a new committee that will be chaired by Professor Catherine Albiston.

Student Members:

Meeting Minutes: October 18, 2012

Reads files of applicants for admission to the J.D. program referred to committee by the Dean of Admissions. Consistent with faculty policy, makes decisions regarding admission, rejection, and wait-listing of applicants. Makes recommendations to the faculty on policy issues as appropriate.

Student Members:

Develops and implements plan for long-term improvement, construction and maintenance of the building.

Student Member:

Discusses issues regarding Boalt’s support and preparation for students and alumni pursuing judicial clerkships, in addition to evaluating potential changes in academic policy that may improve Boalt student and alumni competitiveness within the judicial law clerk hiring process.

Student Members:

Curriculum Committee
Considers faculty proposals for curriculum reform. Evaluates first-year electives. Considers academic policies that impact the curriculum.

Student Member:

Disqualification Appeals Committee
Considers appeals from students regarding academic dismissal. These appeals generally happen in the summer. Student has to be available in the summer of 2L year. The student representative will be a non-voting, second-year J.D. student who will serve in an advisory capacity pursuant to Academic Rule 3.02(B)(1).

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Faculty Appointments
Identifies and recommends potential entry-level and “lateral” faculty applicants for interview and hiring with an eye towards Boalt’s commitment to excellence through diversity. Facilitates faculty information sessions and helps promote and recruit candidates.

Student Members:

Financial Aid
Advises the Director of Financial Aid on policies concerning the financial aid program (need-based grants, loan, summer funding, merit aid) and the Loan Repayment Forgiveness Program (LRAP).

Student Members:



BHSA Internal Comitees


Amber Hannah (Chair)

Austin Whitney

Xavier Johnson

Famid Sinha


Student Affairs

Sam Welch (Co- Chair)

Danielle Pierre (Co- Chair)

James Unger

Cathy Kwon

Sergio Alves Jr.

Sloan Whiteside

Jenn Le


Academic Affairs

Christina Farmer (Co- Chair)

Keagan Buchanan (Co-Chair)

Jerome Hsiang


External Relations

Logan Talbot (Chair) 

Brittany Bilderback

Angelica Galang

Tamila Gresham

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